How to sell your music here



The Deal (How to sell your CD at MMusic)

What YOU do

 " I have enjoyed steady sales with MMusic. Why pay extra postage ordering from overseas
  sites when MMusic is a fast and reliable local online music retailer?"

- Ross Wilson

What WE do


"MMusic has proven to be a must have for our CD Sales, the complete  package all in one. They have the link, the bio and the manpower to sell
  our CD's to our fans hassle free. We have people regularly commenting on their online purchase of our product.
  I personally recommend this service. Online sales made easy"

- Mason Rack

How the MONEY works

"Selling  my CDs through MMusic has proven to be a very successful venture. They are reliable, pay promptly and are avery nice company to deal with. I
  thoroughly recommend them"

-Peter Combe


It's simple to get started

"Hi Grant - just dropping by to thank you for supporting local artists around Australia and I can tell by the sales of my music through your site that you receive quite a
  bit of traffic. 
 Keep up the good work and thanks again for the support of my music"

- Joe Galea


 Want to have your album also available as a digital download? Extra charge applies- please see below.

Selecting this option enables the customer to choose to download your album as a sequence of MP3 files, plus the album front cover artwork.

We convert your CD to MP3 files, compress it into a zip folder and upload and store it on our secure server.

We sell the album download at a fixed price of $9.95 (for single CD), and then 75% of the selling price is paid direct to you (the artist).

Similarly to physical CD sales we pay you on the 1st of each month for sales from the previous month.


For listing of your CD, please send us

$25 -CD Listing only

$25 - Digital download listing only

$45 - CD and digital download listing

via any of these options -


1. Direct credit to our account - Meteor Music BSB-033072 Account # 259936

2. Click on the link below for instant payment now via credit card or PayPal

Type of listing


Please use your album title as a reference when making payment.